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Sierra Leone Police Declares Gay Activist,

 Kandeh Bamba Bangura Wanted.

It could be recalled that Kandeh Bamba  Bangura  who had been recognize as the organizer of a gay fiesta  which held at very odd hours along the Lumley/Aberdeen Beach in Freetown, escaped from police custody following a visit to him by someone also suspected of being a gay activist.

Reports reveal that Kandeh Bamba Bangura, born on 10th October, 1984 and his cohorts were being monitored by a group of vigilantes who are helping the government (though discreetly) to crack down on gay activists. Gay and lesbianism are practices which are heavily frowned upon in Sierra Leone, not only by the authorities but also by religious groups among other groups that make it a habit to clamp down and in some cases murder in cold blood anyone caught practicing gay and lesbianism in any part of Sierra Leone.

In the case of Kandeh Bamba Bangura he and his partner were engaged in a gay beach fiesta (kissing and making love) on 28 August, 2017 when they were discovered and attacked by a vigilante group. He was severely beaten and left bleeding along with his companions but luckily for him, he escaped summary execution as is done to gays and lesbians in Sierra Leone, when a Police patrol arrived on the scene.

However, our investigations revealed that the gay activist Kandeh Bamba Bangura drenched in his own blood and that of his colleagues who narrowly escaped, blessed his stars when the Police arrived and took him from the hands of the mob. But it was then that his troubles actually started.

The Police instead of taking the gay activist Kandeh Bamba Bangura to hospital for treatment of his gaping wounds, they took him instead to the station and flung him into a dark and cold cell where he was consistently abused verbally and physically, making his condition worse and he reportedly lost hope of getting justice or having his case heard as the police who were supposed to be his rescuer turned out to be his teaser.

On 3 September, 2017 the gay activist took the opportunity of escaping from Police custody when he was visited by a friend who was suspect to have given kickback/bribed  to the officer on duty to bring the gay activist Kandeh Bamba  Bangura out from the cell for fresh air and for them to talk about his arrest.

Fortunately, it turned out that the officer forgot about them and he made his escape and since that day he has not been seen. His family members who later went to the police station were told that he had escaped but they are still of the opinion that their son, brother and cousin had been murdered by the police and his body dumped in a secret place.

Meanwhile,  fifteen million Leones (Le15 million) reward placed on the gay activist’s head is still in place and his family members fear that if he is still alive he would face a worse fate but that if he is actually dead they leave their case with Almighty God. Investigations continue.